Tuesday, July 6, 2010

TIme for Weddings!

It's that time of year again for Weddings and Summer events!

Join CRE8AD8 and for fun-filled summer events and on the travels we take for our brides and grooms!

Stay tuned for more exciting information!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Congrats to our CEO, Gregorio Palomino!

Recently Greg was named Entrepreneur of the Quarter by Hispanic Executive Quarterly, a national publication based out of Chicago, IL.

Greg was also featured with Wedding Planner, Michelle Franco, in the summer edition of San Antonio Woman magazine as the first 100% male owned business to be featured in their 8 year history!

CRE8AD8 was also recently named one of the Best Destination Management Organizations in TEXAS by Texas Meetings & Events Magazine for 2009!


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

CRE8AD8 Opens up travel to everyone

CRE8AD8 has recently partnered with WorldVentures to offer our brides, grooms, clients, corporate travelers, vacationers and more a more cost effective option to travel...no matter the reason.

We DARE you to compare rates against other leading sites!




It's that time of the year again in San Antonio, VIVA FIESTA!

This year, CRE8AD8 has secured the beverage portion of the King William Fair in only our 2 year history! This is a great accomplishment for us as we are the new guys in town and we've already beat out regional competitors in this field.

We hope to see you at the Fair on April 25, booths open at 9am!


Monday, March 2, 2009

March March March

Happy March to all!!!

If you haven't planned those holiday events by now, you're behind the game!

Let us know if we can help plan that special holiday event! Weddings, Corporate Events and more!


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Wedding Fairs

'Tis the season for Wedding Fairs!

Booth after booth of caterers, decorators, chocolate fountains(remember when they used to be champagne fountains?) and beauty consultants. So many choices and options. Here is how to weed them out:

- Find someone who is like you, remember your vendors need to understand you and have your same energy
- Ask for pricing, seriously, most people can give you some ranges of what to expect and put some numbers in your head
- If a vendor seems too out of your "realm", they probably are.
- Never try to work with a vendor who doesn't seem like they want to work for you(i.e. Sending the minions after you before they talk to you), seriously, are you hiring the planner or their assistants, your wedding isn't a movie and it shouldn't be treated as one
- Price doesn't equal quality, many service providers(planners, consultants, DJs, etc...) are dropping prices drastically, beware, they will often cut their package services by that much too!
- There are things you do not cut back on(photography, planning, catering & decor), you will get what you pay for
- If you're more than 12 months out, don't rush into making decisions, look everything over
- If you're within 12 months of your wedding and nothing is done...hire a planner immediately, they have powers you do not(securing venues, getting some bumped, putting you first on lists, getting things expedited, DISCOUNTS DISCOUNTS DISCOUNTS!!)!
- Steps - 1) Set date; 2) Set budget; 3) Hire planner; 4) Relax...and have fun!

And most importantly...remember CRE8AD8 is a FULL SERVICE PLANNING AGENCY.


Monday, February 2, 2009


I am always telling everyone to put their information in the body of requests you fill out online. Trust me it helps in the long run, remember it costs us money to find you and as much as we all wish we could afford to purchase every lead and help everyone, we cannot; forcing us to be more selective on who we pursue especially during the "recession."

We all need to help each other in this time of need. No matter how large or small we all are.

We want to help everyone as much as possible and sometimes being selective means we may miss someone to who really needs help. We know it could be more stressful in the short run, but in the log run, it'll save time and money!

TIP: Type out everything you need in Word and copy & paste it into the sites(bodies) you have...always include NAME, PHONE & E-MAIL!

On top of that, check your SPAM boxes since most of us have "love, beauty, marriage" and more filters are made to single these out and trash them!

Greg P., CWP, CEP

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Embajador of the Year


GREGORIO PALOMINO for becoming one of the 2008 Embajador of the Year for the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

This honor is bestowed on the Embajador who shows volunteerism, activity within the chamber, community efforts and initiatives and more.

Please help us in congratulating Greg! He will receive his award at the annual San Antonio Hispanic Chamber Installation Banquet on Jan 30, 2009 at the Grand Hyatt in Downtown San Antonio, Texas in front of fellow business owners, Fortune CEOs, colleagues, friends, family and more.

The San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce celebrates its 80th anniversary as the largest and oldest Hispanic Chamber in the United States.

-CRE8AD8 Staff

1st Freeze - San Antonio

It's the first Freeze in San Antonio since 1905...JUST KIDDING, but it's been a whole year jut about.

Be safe and remember to take care of yourself and your family. Work, school, errands and bills can wait one more day. Stay inside, eat some soup and remember, it's not about living 100 years, its how you spend those years that matter the most!


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weddings Weddings Weddings & The Box Office


It's wedding planning season. And another wedding movie, Bride Wars, has hit the big screen. Although many of you have already seen this movie I am sure with your girlfriends...it's my job to see it as well and fill.


- Some places book years in advance(although some venues do not book more than 1 year out)
- Stop looking once you find something you like
- Always pick a MOH who will support you in being married, not be a hassle to you
- Be flexible if you're going to put a budget to the wedding
- It is always safe to have a budget, however, movies can be deceiving...American Wedding(American Pie)-$50K+; Bride Wars-$45K+; My Best Friend's Wedding-$80K+; Wedding Crashers(final wedding)-$100K+
- There will always be stress of some sort
- Yes, pamper yourself and make room in the budget for this!
- Make sure you feel for your soul mate as they feel for you...love is work, but it shouldn't feel like an obligation!
- Wedding Planning can start anywhere from $3K-$15K depending on location of USA

- Wedding Planners are not like that, we should be nice and fun
- You shouldn't try and plan two weddings at the same location, in different facilities wit your best friend
- You shouldn't be upset if others want to help you
- Unfortunately, wedding planning is not always so bright and fluffy as it looked, it takes time, there's money to be paid and finances to consider
- Wedding Planning offices are not all digital as they were in Bride Wars(the picture frames)
- The Wedding Planner will not assume you know what you want and have photos of mock-ups digitally enhanced for your pleasure
- You should always be flexible no matter what...not being flexible could cause challenges and could ultimately cause more stress
- You should always stand by your friends no matter what
- You should expect what can be afforded and try not to squeeze things into a tight budget...quality goes down as the quantity goes up...good for exposure, not for your special day!

These are just some things to think about when planning your wedding. To give you an idea of what we would charge in that type of setting and in that location...it would be around $25K just to PLAN the wedding.

Let us know if we can help!

Greg P., CWP, CEP